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America’s Inland Sea: Impacts of a Shrinking Great Salt Lake

America's Inland Sea: Impacts of a Shrinking Great Salt Lake

In 2022, the New York Times characterized the Great Salt Lake as an “environmental nuclear bomb,” but is that an accurate description of the lake and
its challenges? This Praxis Lab will provide students with foundational knowledge of the geology, geography, and ecology of the lake, as well as relevant human and non-human factors and processes that impact this complex system. We will hear from experts: scientists, legislators, business leaders and landowners as well as social scientists, writers, visual artists, and activists who together are invested in the future of this economically and culturally important ecosystem. Field trips and at least one over-night camping trip are part of this course. Students from all majors interested in studying and contributing to a local environmental issue are encouraged to enroll for Fall 2024 + Spring 2025!

Tuesdays 4-7pm

Dr. Kevin Perry, Professor of Atmospheric Sciences, member of the Great Salt Lake Strike Team and “Dust Doctor” (aka preeminent expert on “lake dust”).

Dr. Sylvia Torti, Presidential Honors Professor, Ecologist and Creative Writer

Sponsored by the Honors College and the Wilkes Center for Climate Science & Policy, College of Science

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