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Honors College Gift Account

The Honors College at the University of Utah is a home for changemakers, leaders and innovators. It is a place where undergraduates of all backgrounds and majors develop the skills and perspective to build a better future for our community and the world. Unrestricted gifts to the Honors College support the greatest needs of the college and provide funding for student initiatives, engaged learning, research, and travel.

Honors Scholarship Discretionary Fund

Scholarships are a powerful vote of confidence in the future. Tuition scholarships can make the difference for any student, whether it be to finish their thesis, be the first person in their family to attend college or be able to focus more time on their studies. When you invest in student scholarships, you make a direct impact on an outstanding student working toward remarkable academic, personal, and professional goals.

Honors integrated minors

Integrated Minors are highly dynamic ways for students to fulfill their honors core requirements around themes that reflect enduring, current, and future issues in Utah and the world. Students earn an academic minor by taking six required courses together over three semesters. Minors are offered in Health, Ecology & Legacy, and Human Rights & Resources, with unique beyond classroom experiences locally and abroad. Together, we give students a diversity of in-depth and real-world experiences.

Honors Housing Scholarship Discretionary Fund

One of the strongest correlation variables for graduation is whether or not a student lived on campus. Students who participate in a Living Learning Community tend to earn higher grades, graduate on time and feel more connected to the university. Your gift to the Housing Scholarship Fund will help a student, who would otherwise not be able to live on campus, to reside in our honors community.