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HSACHonors Student Advisory Committee

The Honors College has an official voice for students that you should be aware of. It is the Honors Student Advisory Committee (HSAC). This group works towards connecting students with faculty and staff to foster communication, relations related to policy with the Dean and Associate Deans, and action items related to a host of the academic and social opportunities in the Honors College.

Please contact for more information.
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Honors Ambassadors

The Honors Ambassadors share their experience as University of Utah Honors students with prospective students and their families. Honors Ambassadors are tour guides and special assistants during Honors recruitment events and outreach programs throughout the academic year. Through these events, Honors Ambassadors develop excellent presentation and intergroup communication skills while sharing their personal experiences within the Honors College. As one of the first students that incoming or prospective first years interact with, Honors Ambassadors are key to creating lasting connections to the U and the many opportunities that the Honors College provides.

""Honors Peer Mentors

HONOR 1000-mentoring first years

HONOR 2000-mentoring second years

Thesis Peer Mentors-mentoring thesis community

The Honors Peer Mentors serve to foster a sense of belonging among incoming students and to provide a connection to their Honors and University of Utah community in a way that is relatable and meaningful for both off-campus and on-campus students. Working alongside Associate Dean Laurence Parker, peer mentors engage first year students in discussions about the transition to the Honors College, adjustment to college life, and the identification of university resources. Connecting the on-line Honors 1000 class to face to face group positive academic and social experiences for the first year students, Honors Peer Mentors are a bridge between high school achievement and collegiate success.

We are not hiring right now. We hire in spring, each year, for the following fall/spring school year. Contact: Associate Dean Monisha Pasupathi.

Honors Resident Advisors

Honors Resident Advisors, better known as RAs, are live-in student leadership positions within Honors Housing. RAs develop an inclusive and engaged community where all members can thrive. Honors Resident Advisors work as a team with fellow student leaders to make residents feel at home on campus, creating a shared hall-wide community while organizing on-campus excursions and events. As fellow Honors students, RAs help guide residents through their Honors experience, making sure students take full advantage of the U of U campus.

Interested students should apply through Housing and Residential Education Office in December/January.

""Honors Work-Study

Honors Work-Study students support the efficient and continued functioning of the Honors Center. As paid workers, Honors Work-Study students gain skills in communication, organization, and interpersonal relations while promoting the vision of the Honors College. As members of the team their student insights are invaluable to guiding internal decisions most impactful to the student body. Working in the Honors Center these students represent the face of Honors when interacting with the public or assisting to connect fellow students to the appropriate Honors staff member.

We are not hiring right now but those interested can contact Cindy Braegger.


Whitby Fellows

The Whitby Fellow was born from, Honors alumni, Paul Whitby’s particular interest in Honors students graduating with tangible work experiences and skills. Whitby Fellows are paid Honors students who design and produce marketing and graphics for course promotion, events, opportunities, and Praxis Labs. Working closely with faculty and staff, Whitby Fellows learn how to manage deadlines, incorporate client feedback, and hone their graphical skills, all while supporting the Honors College.

We are not hiring right now. We hire in late spring, each year, for the following fall/spring school year. Contact: Jamie Harris.