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Abraham Bunting

Honors Alumnus Abraham Bunting recently graduated from the University of Utah with an Honors Bachelor of Science in Accounting in the Spring of 2023.

He now works in Chicago Illinois at Bain and Company as an associate consultant. Bain and Company, a leading management consulting firm, advises major organizations on issues ranging from corporate strategy, operations, mergers & acquisitions, and private equity investments, among others. In his role at Bain, Abraham’s work is always evolving. One day he might build PowerPoint slides focusing on sales strategy, the next he could be building an operating model in Excel, doing some visualization in Tableau, or crunching data in Alteryx. Abraham appreciates the variety in his work that not only keeps his job exciting but also allows him to keep growing in his skills.

Abraham believes that his internships played an important role in preparing him for his current career. His very first internship working as a trade analyst at KPMG, a Big 4 accounting firm, was especially memorable. In this role, he began primarily working on data-entry work. However, after a number of months he was given an internal opportunity that helped him pivot into a data analytics role. This experience served as a springboard into more meaningful job opportunities down the road. Abraham believes that the key to getting moving on your career path is to just get started somewhere. He shared that if you do your best and keep your eyes open to be an asset to whoever you’re working for, doors will open.

Abraham also believes his time at the University of Utah was important in shaping who he is today. He is especially grateful for the opportunity to live in Honors housing in the MHC where he built a strong community of peers. He also appreciated Honors professors who were an important part of his support system. Abraham’s Honors College community helped shape and challenge the way he looked at the world, shift his aspirations, and raise his vision. All in all, Abraham is certain that you get out of the Honors College exactly what you put into it.

Abraham’s advice to students is to lean into your networks at the University of Utah. It is easiest to jump into a career directly after college as companies are connected to your network here. He also would emphasize that it is important to focus in on your goals early, he shared that if you wait until your last year to start working towards your career you may lose out on opportunities.

In conclusion, Abraham is grateful for the ways his experiences at the University of Utah and within the Honors College helped prepare him for where he is today.

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