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Jacob Tonks

Graduation Year: 2015

Hometown: Centerville, UT

Major: Political Science

Graduate or professional degree: Juris Doctor, Georgetown University Law Center

Share your experience with the Honors College: 
The Honors College gave me the liberal-arts focused education I always wanted. There are only so many times in life where you get the opportunity to read and learn through foundational writings and “classic” literature, so I was thrilled that the Honors College offered a deep dive into the thinking of various historical periods. The Honors College also hosted a Legal Scholars group that helped solidify my interest in the legal profession.
Tell us what you’ve been up to or future plans:
After a career in business development for various tech companies including Snapchat and Google, I’ve nearly completed my JD from Georgetown University Law Center which I accomplished as part of their Evening Student program (meaning I kept my full-time job concurrently with my legal education). Next year I will be starting as an Associate at the Morrison Foerster, a global firm, specializing in Corporate Transactional work.

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