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Honors Students Along with Dean Sylvia Torti Publish Article in Holistic Education Review

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Dean Torti has just published a paper in Holistic Education on integrated pedagogy with two recent honors alumni (and her son). The paper is a “revisit”, 30 years later, of Dr. David Orr’s question of “What is Education For?”.  The environmental and educational issues described by Orr have only intensified in recent years. This new paper proposes four pillars—roughly based on Orr’s principles—upon which to build a general education curriculum that equips students with tools to address modern-day ecological crises. We use the University of Utah’s Honors Integrated Minor in Ecology and Legacy as a case study of how our proposed pillars might manifest in institutions of higher education. The two honors students, both alumni of the Ecology and Legacy program, are first authors on the paper.

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