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Fifth Season Book Discussions

Let us get together to chat about our Honors College summer reading: Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin

Leaders from across campus and within Honors have agreed to lead some Zoom book discussions for us. Sign up for a time, below.


Facilitator Title
Stuart Culver Dean – College of Humanities
Chris Mead Faculty – Honors College
Laurence Parker Associate Dean – Honors College
Ginger Smoak Faculty – Honors College
Elizabeth Kronk Warner;
Connor Warner
Dean – College of Law;
Clinical Assistant Professor – Urban Institute for Teacher Education
Rachel Mason Dentinger Faculty – Honors College
Nancy Songer Dean – College of Education
Patricia Rohrer Assistant Dean – Honors College
Sylvia Torti;
Darryl Peterkin
Dean – Honors College – University of Utah;
Director – Clara I. Adams Honors College – Morgan State University
Monisha Pasupathi Associate Dean – Honors College
Laura Marks Chief of Staff – Academic Affairs
Darryl Butt Dean – College of Mines and Earth Sciences
Dan Reed Senior VP – Academic Affairs
Sarah Projansky Associate VP for Faculty – Academic Affairs
Andy Weyrich VP – Research
Scott Black Chair – Department of English
Andrew Shepard Faculty- Department of English
Ann Darling Associate VP- Undergraduate Studies
Diane Pataki Associate VP- Research


Fifth Season Book Discussions
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