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Apply to be an Honors Peer Mentor


The Honors 1000 peer-mentors will serve to foster a sense of belonging among incoming students and to provide a connection to their Honors and University of Utah community in a way that is relatable and meaningful for both off-campus and on-campus students. Working along with Associate Dean Laurence Parker and lead peer mentor Liam Hammons, peer mentors will engage the first year students in discussions about the transition to the Honors College, adjustment to college life, the identification of university resources and connecting the on-line Honors 1000 class to face to face group positive academic and social experiences for the first year students.


  • Get to know the 1st year students in groups and face to face settings
  • Share your knowledge about Honors and the University of Utah
  • Improve your overall communication skills as a peer mentor
  • Learn about Honors and campus resources to promote student success
  • Earn a small stipend ($1,000)
  • work directly with students in fall and TA for a professor in the spring


  • You must be in good academic standing in the Honors College
  • Mandatory participation in the peer mentor on-line sessions in late summer 2020
  • Required ½ day orientation session on peer mentoring and organization of Honors 1000 in August
  • Be willing to field questions from students and do some activities with peer-mentees group fall 2020

Fall-Spring 2020-21 peer mentors have been chosen. Check back in the spring of 2021 for open applications.

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