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Maria Correa – Free Concert and a Powerful Story

Join the Honors College at a free concert by artist in residence, Maria Correa. She will be performing September 24th, 6 pm at 132 S 800 W (Sugar Space). During her performance, be prepared to be moved by her ability to mix her emotions into every note. Visiting us from Argentina, she will also be giving some thoughts about the effects of the dictatorships, both past and present.

Ms. Correa describes her relationship with music as the “life jacket” that kept her above muddy water. She appreciates the ability to mix her pain, happiness, and struggles into her music. Growing up in the age of the dictatorship in Argentina, she says she remembers a very unhappy and anxious childhood. There were many moments of sadness and anger, especially after the disappearance of her father. Music was her “oasis” to the pain and suffering in her country. She was able to listen and make music and feel all the things she had been avoiding. She says her inspiration comes from these moments.

For those able to attend, she hopes that her music will soften the audience. She hopes that everyone in attendance, can walk in and enjoy a space where music can flow freely and so can emotions. Sitting down with Maria reminded me of the importance of emotions. She encouraged me, and all of us, to stop guarding our feelings and let emotions exist within ourselves. Ms. Correa talked a lot about how hardened everyone had become in Argentina, how they became this way to survive. But, the importance of life was found in soft moments where people could truly feel love and spread that love to others.

For those of you unable to attend, Maria would like to remind you to use your voice. Her life experiences exemplify the importance of voice. She said the dictators, took “the voice” from people first. She wants to remind us to stand up, stand out, and use our given right to speak up. She was very adamant about the importance of singing, conversing, and speaking up. She wants everyone to use their voice, to remember to stay kind, but to never let anyone take away your voice.

Maria exemplifies strength, beauty, and resilience. Sitting down with her inspired and reminded me to continue to use my voice for all things good. A big thank you to the honors college for facilitating this incredible event and to Maria Correa for her music and her voice!

Written by Michelle Valdes, Honors Student Ambassador

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