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2017 Book Discussions

Exit West by Mohsin Hamid

Learning Communities/ All College    

Wednesday Sept. 13th @ 5pm     Asst. Dean Rohrer—MHC 1206 b

All College      

Friday Sept. 15th @ noon              Dean Torti—MHC Big Ideas 1205

Eccles & Entrepreneurship       

Tuesday Sept. 12th @5:30pm       Prof. Chris Mead—MHC 1206 a and b

Global Perspectives      

Thursday Sept. 14th @5pm           Asst. Dean Rohrer—MHC 1206 a and b

Outdoor Education and Leadership

Monday Sept. 18th @6:35pm       Assoc. Dean Paret—MHC Big Ideas1205


Tuesday Sept. 19th @5:30pm       Sarah Munro—MHC 1206 a and b

Communications 360° & Health Fields

Thursday Sept. 21st @5:30pm      Professor Mead—MHC 1206 a and b

Bradley Community

Monday Sept. 25th @5:30pm       Prof. Caren Frost—MHC 1206 a and b

Research in the Sciences  

Monday Oct. 16th @5:30pm         Acting Dean Randy Dryer—Big Ideas Rm 1205


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