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Honors Student, Diana Kelly: Privacy Through Poetry: A poetic journey through Privacy In A Digital Age

Following this introduction is a compilation of poems written as partial fulfillment of the course requirements for Privacy in a Digital Age.  This University of Utah Honors course takes on the format of a flipped classroom.  We listened to video lectures, read pertinent information, and engaged in discussions through a class blog outside of class.  This engagement outside of class allowed for class time to be used for discussions and exercises.  Throughout the course we discussed several relevant privacy concerns and policies.

These relevant privacy concerns and policies were addressed as blog posts written by each student.  I have written a poem for each blog post.  These poems display the multifaceted struggle to remain private and anonymous in the world we live in.  Each poem is written in a style I felt reflected the tone of the privacy concern or policy.  Following each poem is a brief explanation of the topic and analysis of the poem.  I hope this poetic journey through the course gives you a basic understanding of what was discussed and a greater appreciation for protecting your privacy. Enjoy!

poems for privacy in a digital age

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