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Alumni Spotlight

Name: AnikaUnsworth
Hometown:Logan, UT
Graduate or Professional Degree:Will be applying for PA school

I liked the small class sizes and opportunities for social gatherings. Dr. Parker’s Critical Race Theory was one of my favorite classes, as he’s truly a professor who cares about the students. One day he brought in snacks for all the freshmen since we said we got hungry on campus. I’m glad Honors housing is being expanded, as this wasn’t an option for me, and I missed out on living in the MHC.

I’ll be applying to PA school this next month and am working as a Liver/Kidney transplant research coordinator with Intermountain Health. The research opportunities I got at the U helped me jumpstart my current career, and interested me in how research can be used to serve uninsured patients. I also am currently fostering two baby goats with @utahrefugeegoats, another service program I found out about due to the Honor’s College.