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First-time first-year applicants who apply by the December 1, 2023 priority date for Summer or Fall 2024 will be mailed a University of Utah general admissions decision in mid-January. Accepted, wait-listed, and not-accepted students who meet this priority date will also receive an Honors decision by email in mid-January in coordination with the general admissions decisions.

Incoming Summer and Fall 2024 applications received after the December 1, 2023 priority deadline (up until February 1, 2024) will be notified by early-April (pending the release of the general University of Utah admissions decision).

Liberal Arts and Sciences at the Honors College: Rooted in an interdisciplinary approach to the Humanities, Natural and Social Sciences, and Mathematics, an Honors education aims to contribute to the development of the individual rather than the focus of a specific profession. At the Honors College, we believe that venturing out of your comfort zone is crucial to that individual development. If you are accepted, you’ll take courses in which you encounter complex readings and ideas, and maybe a history role-playing game, that requires you to read, think and write in new ways. Your Honors courses will span the Liberal Arts and Sciences, and you will be invited to participate in a diverse range of Praxis Labs addressing current social issues. You’ll be part of a vibrant community that will support you as you work toward completing your Honors degree. Expect stretches of confusion between moments of clarity, knowing that the intellectual struggle from perplexity to understanding can foster some of the deepest learning.



Priority Deadline
Final Deadline
Incoming first year and transfer students
Incoming First Time College Students–via the University of Utah general admissions application (application open from August 2023 to February 1, 2024 with a priority application date of December 1, 2023). Transfer Students–via the University of Utah general admissions application (application open from August 2023 to February 1, 2024).