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About Us
InfectED is a nonprofit student organization affiliated with the University of Utah Honors College. Our mission is to provide resources and education on infectious diseases and health to communities in Utah, including those who are underrepresented, uninformed and misinformed.
Who We Are
We are a completely student-led group from the University of Utah. Our members come from diverse academic backgrounds, and we are united by a commitment to contribute positively to our communities.

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What We Do
We curate physician-approved educational programs about infectious diseases and related topics and come present them to you!
Where We Go
Almost anywhere! If you have an audience you believe will benefit from our presentations, please reach out. We’re happy to visit classrooms, libraries, community centers, cafés, and any other locally convenient locations.
  • Affiliation, Sponsorships and Associations
    • InfectED began as a classroom extracurricular through the University of Utah’s Honors College, and is currently an official student organization (or ‘club’) at the University of Utah. InfectED is not affiliated, sponsored or associated with any public or private group, entity or organization outside the University of Utah.
  • Funding and Support
    • InfectED is funded through the University of Utah Honors College and funding secured through grants, donations and other fundraising on campus. Any external funding or support (i.e. outside of the University of Utah and its various departments) is one-sided, meaning InfectED will not accept any funding, support, ‘gifts’ or other perks that are conditional on anything in return from ourselves. For example, we will not accept support (financial or otherwise) that requires us to change our educational programs, mission or other activities and operations in any way.
  • Physician Approval
    • Every InfectED educational program is reviewed by board-certified infectious disease and/or pediatric infectious disease specialists at University of Utah health for medical, epidemiological and scientific accuracy.
  • Copyrights and Related Policies
    • Use of Materials
      • InfectED materials may not be repurposed, redistributed or otherwise reused in any way without explicit written consent by InfectED.
    • Where We Get Our Materials
      • All InfectED educational materials including presentations, brochures, videos, images and graphics, and all other materials are made in-house by University of Utah students participating with the aim to further our mission, or obtained legally through free-to-use public databases such as the CDC.
    • Source of Data
      • InfectED does not conduct independent scientific, medical or epidemiological research. Any data, numbers, statistics etc. that are discussed, used or featured in InfectED educational materials originate from either peer-reviewed published research (not limited to research only performed at the University of Utah) or recognized public health agencies such as the WHO and CDC.