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What is Honors Housing?

All students living in Honors residence spaces are members of a Living Learning Community (LLC) or themed communities, in which a small cohort of students shares living space, along with selected classes and/or activities.

“Learning communities can offer more: curricular coherence; integrative, high-quality learning; collaborative knowledge-construction; and skills and knowledge relevant to living in a complex, messy, diverse world.”

Students who participate in these types of communities tend to earn higher grades, graduate on time and feel more connected to the university.

Learn more about Housing & Residential Education's timeline by clicking this link! General housing information can be found here.

What are the requirements for living in Honors Housing?

Good-standing with Honors College is exemplified by maintaining at least a 3.5 GPA and making progress on your Honors coursework. Students should enroll in at least one HON-designated course (minimum 3 credit hours) per semester until their Honors coursework is complete and they are working on their thesis.

First-year students must complete HONOR 1001 for the fall semester.

Exception requests for the coursework requirement for a particular semester can made via a form at the bottom of this page.


Incoming first-year Honors students are encouraged to live with other Honors students on the Honors floors of the Kahlert Village or the Honors College SagePoint floor. Honors spaces stretch across all Kahlert Village towers and one floor in SagePoint ALL Honors spaces are welcoming of ALL majors. Students connect with other Honors College students and professors through courses and special programming/events.

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Honor Housing Class Exception Form

Honors Housing Class Exception Form
Are you currently living in Honors housing?
If so, where are you living?
For which semester are you requesting the exception?