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Honors fees have always gone towards creating educational opportunities, supports, and events uniquely available to Honors students. The pie charts below show how the funds are distributed across different areas.  If you click on the label for an overall category, you will see specific examples of what is included in that category.

For students who began in Honors before Fall semester of 2022, the Honors fee was, and remains, 75$ per semester. For those who began in Fall 2022 and after, the Honors fee is $325 per semester. Fees are only applied to Fall and Spring terms, not summer.

Why was the Fee Increased?

Raising the fee enabled us to continue the academic and curriculum enhancements, campus and community partnerships, and program events that the prior fee had funded, while significantly expanding our support for students to successfully navigate and complete the honors degree. This support is delivered through the peer support program, and the fee allows strong training, appropriate workload and compensation for peers, and adequate support from staff and administration. The Honors Student Advisory Committee (HSAC) was asked to review and vote on whether to support the fee increase, and their support was critical.

How are Honors Student Fees Spent?

Pie Chart - 68% Student Success Programs, 13% Curriculum Enhancement, 5% Campus Partnerships, 2% Community Partnerships, 12% Program Events and Activities

How do Honors Fees at the University of Utah compare to other Institutions?

The Fee is a Major Obstacle for Me!

Honors is committed to making it possible for students to complete the honors degree regardless of their financial need. If the fee represents a significant challenge for you to remain in the Honors college, please speak with an advisor .