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NOTE: Although the Office of Nationally Competitive Scholarships is housed in the Honors College, the Office of Nationally Competitive Scholarships serves the entire University.

What are nationally distinguished scholarships?

  • Prestigious national and international scholarships that are funded by sources independent of the University of Utah given to students based on demonstrated achievement and personal distinction
  • Support undergraduate and graduate studies, research, and teaching endeavors through highly competitive, merit-based scholarships.
  • Students from all over the country compete to earn these distinguished scholarships
  • Some nationally distinguished scholarships require an endorsement in which the potential candidate is vetted by a University-designated committee

Categories for Organization:


University Endorsement

Requires participation in a formal campus process. Applicants are unable to apply to these opportunities directly. Endorsement signifies that candidates submitted by the University of Utah have been thoroughly vetted by a University-designated committee. For some scholarships, the U is limited in the number of applicants who can move forward the national or international competition. These scholarships require a University interview.


Graduate Study

Scholarships provide opportunities to pursue graduate degrees (master’s or PhD) either in the U.S. or abroad



Scholarships provide an opportunity to study and/or research in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics



Scholarships emphasize public policy, international affairs, and public service through study, research, and internships. Many of these scholarships require commitment to service following graduation from a master’s program.


Diversity Populations

Scholarships seek applicants from historically underrepresented groups including students of color, financial need, first-generation, etc.



Scholarships provide opportunities for cultural engagement aboard through teaching, research, study, or internships.


Language Study

Provide opportunities to study language and immersion at vary levels of language proficiency




Available Scholarships for those applying as:

Seniors, Graduate Students, Alumni

Sophomores and Juniors